Selling your trailer

To sell your trailer within our municipal tourist camps, please review our process for selling your trailer. The process includes a form you will need to complete to list your trailer for sale.

 Seller's checklist

 Follow these steps to list your trailer for sale:

  1. Contact the Camp Supervisors by email or by phone at 519-832-2512
  2. Set up a meeting at your site to discuss the listing, including:
    1. Age of the trailer (only trailers 19 years or less will be permitted to stay in the park)
    2. Features or additional amenities included with the sale
    3. Any outstanding site issues
    4. Provide a copy of ownership
    5. Receive approval to sell
  3. Once approved, complete the trailer for sale form
  4. Attach up to 10 photos of your trailer when completing the form
  5. Post for sale sign in an approved location at your site
  6. Staff prepare and post trailer listing on the municipal website and at the camp offices
  7. Trailer owners are responsible for coordinating all viewings and completing the sale:
  8. Once the sale is complete:
    1. Notify Camp Supervisors and provide a copy of the bill of sale
    2. Staff will coordinate payment for the 5% sale commission payable to the Town
    3. Once payment is received the contract will be transferred to the new owners
    4. Camp Supervisors will meet with new owners

Port Elgin Tourist Camp listings

There are currently no trailers for sale at the Port Elgin Tourist Camp.

Southampton Tourist Camp listings

There are currently no trailers for sale at the Southampton Tourist Camp.