Developers looking to build in Saugeen Shores begin by working with the County of Bruce to have their development approved. Once approved, they work with the Town of Saugeen Shores to ensure that their plans and drawings conform to our Official Plan.


Developers interested in creating a subdivision in Saugeen Shores must complete an Application for Subdivision Approval. You can get a print version of the application form from the Development Services Department at the Town of Saugeen Shores Offices.

Applications outline requirements such as installation of infrastructure, monetary contributions, parkland and other Town guidelines.

Subdivision agreement process

Please follow these steps to complete the application process:

Step 1 – Pre-consultation

Consult with Town staff before submitting drawings and plans.

Step 2 – Application submission

Submit a completed Application for Subdivision Approval, including supporting documentation and the application fee.

Step 3 – Consideration by Town

The Town discusses the application and suggests any changes to the plans and drawings that are required.

Step 4 – Preparation of detailed drawings

Review the Town's comments and returns detailed approval drawings and supporting documentation. If detailed plans are not acceptable, this step is repeated until plans are approved.

Step 5 – Subdivision agreement

After receiving acceptable detailed drawings, Development Services drafts the Subdivision Agreement.

Step 6 – Execution of agreement

The Town staff finalize the Subdivision Agreement and send it to you for execution. Return the completed agreement and any required payments or securities to the Town. The agreement is placed on the Council agenda for consideration and final approval.

Application support

If you would like to develop in Saugeen Shores, please contact us. We can discuss your needs and determine next steps for your project. Information about the Subdivision process is contained in our Development Guide.