Our Animal Control service ensures a safe and healthy environment for residents and animals in our community.

For more information, view our Animal Control By-law.

Dogs and cats

All dogs are required to have a dog licence. All cats are required to have a cat licence, except within the agriculture areas. These licences help identify your pet if they go missing, so they can be returned safely home.

Complete an Animal Tag Registration Request form online for dog and cat licences, or visit our office in-person for registration.

If you have a concern about dogs or cats running at large, please call our Animal Control Officer at 519-832-3470.

Lost pets

If your dog or cat goes missing, you can call Animal Control at 519-832-3470 and the Southampton Pet Hospital at 519-797-2960. Dogs and cats picked up by Animal Control are taken to the Southampton Pet Hospital.

Off-leash dog park

An off-leash dog park is located at 961 Lehnen St., Port Elgin. The park is open year-round.

Trails and public parks

You must keep your dog on a leash at all times when walking along the community's trails and public parks.

Poop and scoop

Pet owners must clean up after their pets.