Saugeen Shores is a bronze designated bicycle friendly community by providing you with safe trails and routes, whether you ride for leisure, for recreation or to commute. Expand the sections below to learn more.

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Where to cycle in Saugeen Shores

View the interactive map of cycling trails in Saugeen Shores.

Printed maps are available at our bicycle-friendly businesses and the Port Elgin or Southampton Visitor Information Centres.

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The following links may also help you plan your cycling route:

Trail closures, detours and updates


There are no trail closures at this time.


County Road 25 is closed west of highway 21 to Ridge Street to all motorized and non-motorized traffic. Cyclists can access the Gobles Grove area and travel south of Saugeen Shores via:

  • Gore Drain Trail to Concession 4, then to Gobles Grove via Saugeen Beach Road or County Road 33
  • Ridge Street in Port Elgin, extended to County Road 25. The road connection is hard packed gravel
  • Shipley Trail to County Road 25

View our interactive cycling map.

North Shore Trail update

Work has been completed on temporary improvements on the North Shore Trail for the summer. Areas of trail that were previously closed are now open for users to enjoy our spectacular vistas. Additional permanent work is anticipated to occur later this year.

Repair work has narrowed the trail in sections. Please be aware, share the trail and respect all users.

2021 cycling events

Even though many of our in-person events have been cancelled, Saugeen Shores remains a beautiful destination to explore by bike and our businesses welcome those arriving on 2 wheels.

Some of our regular community events have gone virtual for 2021:

Bicycle-friendly businesses

Local bicycle friendly certified businesses are accommodators, food services, attractions, cycling related businesses and organizations that support cycle tourism.

If you own a business that meets the bicycle-friendly business criteria, you can register for this free promotional opportunity.

Bicycle and trail safety


 Trail etiquette and code of conduct
  • Trails are for non-motorized use only. Mobility devices and e-bikes are permitted.
  • Pedestrians and mobility devices always have the right of way
  • Horses are allowed on the Woodland and Biener trails only.
  • Ride at a safe speed and in control, recommended maximum of 20 kilometres per hour.
  • Ride on the right, pass on the left.
  • When stopped, move safely off to one side of the trail.
  • Warn others you are passing by using your bell or calling out.
  • Keep dogs leashed and in your care and control.
  • Clean up after your dog. Pick up, bag and dispose of waste properly.
  • Show courtesy to all trail users. Share the trail.
  • Put garbage in its place. Leave no trace.
  • Stay on the trail. Respect private property and natural vegetation.
 Bicycle bell 101: use your bell, use it well

Tips for using your bicycle bell

  1. Ensure your bicycle has a bell, it's the law
  2. Attach your bell to your handlebars for quick and easy access
  3. Ring 1 to 4 times well in advance (10 to 20 metres) to not alarm others
  4. Use it to announce you're approaching a road or trail user and intend to pass on their left
  5. Show respect for all trail and road users by using a bell and passing safely
  6. Remember that wheels always yield to heels. Pedestrians have the right of way, always wait to pass until safe to do so

The importance of a bicycle bell

Who needs one?
  • Everyone who rides a bike, including kids
  • Bells are required by law under the Highway Traffic Act which states that "every bicycle shall be equipped with a bell and is sounded to notify others"
Why are bells important?
  • Alert other trail users that you're approaching
  • Allow cyclists to safely navigate busy trails
  • Build respect and trust among trail users
  • Cost effective method of improving safety
When should I use my bell?
  • When cycling on trails and roadways
  • When approaching other trail users
What does the bell mean for me?
  • For pedestrians: it means that someone on a bike is approaching and planning to pass. Please move to the right when it is safe to do so
  • For cyclists: it means you are alerting others that your approach and plans to pass on the left hand side when safe to do so

Resources for bicycle safety and tips to share the road

Learn how you can help keep Saugeen Shores safe by respecting all users and obeying the rules of the road.

For more tips and resources, check out our cycling safety 101 blog post.  

Bike safety videos

These videos offer quick reminders to keep cyclist and motorists safe while sharing the road.

Becoming a bicycle friendly community

In 2017, the Town of Saugeen Shores worked with Share the Road Cycling Coalition to develop a report and recommendations to become a Bicycle Friendly Community. Community engagement and a local infrastructure tour were part of the report process.

In fall 2018, the Town was awarded its designation as a bronze bicycle friendly community.

Learn more about the project by listening to The Shore Report or request a copy of the 2017-2022 report and executive summary.

Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Badge