Saugeen Shores has a range of swimming programs, including lessons, fitness classes and courses at Centennial Pool.


You can sign up for swimming lessons and programs online or in person at the municipal office.

Registration dates

Saugeen Shores has two registration dates for swimming lessons and programs.

 Spring and summer programs
  • Programs open for viewing online and the website Wednesday, February 27 at 12pm
  • Programs open for registration online Wednesday, March 6 at 6am
  • Programs open for in-person registration at the Leisure Fair on Wednesday, March 6 at 6pm
 Fall and winter programs
  • Programs open for viewing online and the website Wednesday, August 28 at 12pm
  • Programs open for registration online Wednesday, September 4 at 6am
  • Programs open for in-person registration at the Leisure Fair on Wednesday, September 4 at 6pm

Register online 

Swimming lessons

Saugeen Shores offers swimming lessons for a range of age levels and abilities.

Lesson guides

Swim levels

We follow the Lifesaving Society's swim levels. View the program descriptions and lesson conversion chart to choose the right swim level for your child.

We also offer free swim assessments to help place children in the correct swim program. Contact us to book a time at 519-832-2627.

Camps and PA day programs

We offer aquatic camps and activities during the summer, the winter holiday and March Break and on PA days.


Saugeen Shores provides courses and training to pool professionals.

Lifeguards and instructors

Learn how to become a lifeguard or swimming instructor.

First aid, CPR and aquatic training

Advanced aquatic training courses take place throughout the year, including standard first aid and CPR courses.