Building Services issue sign permits to those looking to install or replace a ground, wall, projecting or mobile sign.

For more information about sign compliance, view our Sign By-law. View our Sign Pamphlet for frequently asked questions.

When you do not need a sign permit

You do not need a sign permit if you are installing:

  • Election signs
  • Contractor signs
  • Sandwich board signs
  • Private warning signs
  • Identification or directional signs

If you have any questions on sign permit requirements, we would be happy to help you. Just call 519-832-2008 x118 to reach Building Services.

How to apply for a sign permit

Complete the following steps to apply for a sign permit:

  • Complete a Sign Permit Application or pick up a paper copy at our municipal office
  • Include:
    • A site plan showing the location of the sign
    • Two sets of sign plans and specifications
  • Submit your completed application and required documents one of the following ways:

    • In person or by mail to the Municipal Office at 600 Tomlinson Drive PO Box 820 Port Elgin ON N0H2C4

    • By email to Building Services. Please note, you will be charged a printing fee ($18.08 per page larger than 11x17”, $.36 per page smaller than 11x17”) when submitting by email as we require physical copies of required documents.

Sign permit fees

  • Ground, Fascia or Projecting Sign: $73.71
  • Awnings and Marquees: $79.71

Fee payment is required upon pickup of the approved permit.

You may qualify for a sign permit fee reduction if the land is located within downtown Port Elgin or downtown Southampton. Fees in these areas are 50 per cent of the required fee.

View our list of permit fees for more information. View our methods of payment accepted.

How to apply for a sign variance

If the Sign By-law does not allow for the sign you want, you can apply for a sign variance. Our Committee of Adjustment considers and approves sign variance requests.

For more information on sign variances, read our Sign Variance Pamphlet.