We have a variety of reports, studies and plans available to view and download.


View our Accessibility Plan. Learn more about our accessibility policies.

Asset management

We use asset management to determine how we allocate resources, use infrastructure and inform our decisions on how we use assets over their useful life, including:

  • Building
  • Operating
  • Maintaining
  • Renewing
  • Replacing

Asset management plans identify municipal infrastructure needs and direct staff in advance of a major asset renewal or replacement. This helps us plan for major projects. A municipality's health can be measured by the quality of its infrastructure. Quality asset management promotes economic development, resident safety and provides a higher quality of life for all.

View our Asset Management Plan. Learn more about our Strategic Asset Management Policy.

Beach and waterfront

View our Beach Maintenance Plan or Waterfront Master Plan.

View our Port Elgin Waterfront Design Concept and Budget Allotment Plan.

View our Waterfront Best Management Principles.

Bicycle friendly community

View our Bicycle Friendly Community Report Executive Summary or our Bicycle Friendly Community Report and Recommendations.

Budget reports

View more information on our annual budget reports.

Building reports

View more information on our building reports.

Business retention and economic development

View our Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Tourism is identified as an economic driver in our community, and in October 2019 Council received the first Tourism Strategy for Saugeen Shores.

Business retention and expansion

View our Business Retention and Expansion Report to learn more about our business community's overall health, requirements and needs for growth.

We asked many business owners more than 100 questions on their business climate, development and local community. This report helps to create conversations about how to improve the local economy.

Economic development CIP

Our Planning Committee has recommended adoption of the Economic Development Community Improvement Plan to address issues like:

  • Affordable housing
  • Nuclear support service businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel accommodations

Incentive program

Our Development Charges Incentive Program offers discounts of up to 50 per cent of some development charges for these developments:

  • Affordable housing developments or redevelopments with a net increase of five or more dwelling units, and with a letter of support from the County of Bruce's director of human services
  • Developments which provide for a secondary suite in a single detached dwelling at the time of building permit
  • Hotel developments or redevelopments with a net increase of 50 rooms or more and meeting space of 60 m² or more
  • Manufacturing developments or redevelopments with a net increase of floor space greater than 0 m²
  • Office developments or redevelopments with an office space net increase of 2,000 m² with secured tenant(s) in nuclear support service business(es)
  • Office and warehousing developments or redevelopments with a net increase of 4,000 m² of gross building floor area with secured tenant(s) in nuclear support service business(es)

View the program document or email Development Services for more information.

Starting a new venture

View our Starting a New Venture Brochure.

Community branding

View our Port Elgin Community Branding Toolkit or our Southampton Community Branding Toolkit.

Community Improvement Plans

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) helps municipalities map out priorities and direction for local improvements to communities. View our Community Improvement Plans.

Each CIP states key areas for improvement and gives us direction to improve each downtown area.

Community Profile

View our Business and Investment Guide, and our Nuclear Supplier Map. You can also view our community profile through the Townfolio platform.

Corporate communications and podcast

View our Corporate Communications Strategy Summary and listen to our Shore Report Podcast.

Corporate Strategic Plan

View more information on our Corporate Strategic Plan.

Design guidelines and façade improvements

We have developed design guidelines and façade improvements for Port Elgin and Southampton.

Port Elgin


Development Charges Study

An update to the Development Charges Background Study is underway in 2019 to look to the change in growth patterns and define the growth related projects necessary for the future.  A consultant will be engaged to carry out the work and public input will be sought in the summer of 2019 including updates posted to the Town website.  Development Charges are fees levied on new construction to pay for the increased infrastructure needed to support the growth, such as libraries, roads, water and police services.

Drainage Master Plan

The purpose of the DMP will be to define the existing condition of the drainage systems in the Town and provide recommendations for policies, and capital projects that are required to provide for a system that meets the needs of the future of the Town.  The study is broken into four (4) areas, Southampton South of the river, Southampton North of the river, Port Elgin and the rural areas.  GM Blueplan will manage the project on behalf of the Town and updates will be provided on the Town’s website.

Emergency management

View our Community Emergency Management Plan.

Energy consumption

View our Broader Public Sector Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan. View Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions annual reports for:

Event planning

View our Essential Event Planning Guide for events in Saugeen Shores.

Financial statements

Audited financial statements for the previous year with the Town of Saugeen Shores are usually available in July. View our Financial Statements.

Inflow and Infiltration Study

Understanding where rainwater enters the sanitary sewer system, and recommending how to eliminate it are the basis of this study for the Southampton area.  The removal of this water entering the sanitary sewers reduces the cost of operating the Water Pollution Control (Sewage Treatment) Plant.

McEwing Bridge EA Study

R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited has been engaged by the Town of Saugeen Shores to investigate options to replace the McEwing Bridge, located on Sideroad 18 & 19 at Concession 2.

The following Schedule ‘B’ Environmental Assessment (EA) Project File Report (PFR) has been created to provide information to the Town regarding replacement options.

View the McEwing Bridge EA PFR, which:

  • Outlines existing conditions
  • Identifies design criteria/parameters
  • Outlines design options
  • Analyzes and evaluate design options
  • Recommends the preferred solution

View the Notice Of Study Commencement Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

Official Plan

View more information on our Official Plan.

Parks and Trails

View our Parks and Trails Master Plan.

Planning reports and studies

View more information on our planning reports and studies.

Port Elgin harbour

View our Port Elgin Harbour Strategic Assessment Final Report or our Port Elgin Harbour Strategic Assessment Presentation to Council.

Recreation and aquatics

View our Recreation Master Plan.

Aquatic facility reports

Southampton Town Hall architectural reports

View our Southampton Town Hall and Library Feasibility Draft Drawings, the Thor Dingman Report on the Southampton Town Hall Assessment, our Southampton Town Hall Architectural Final Report, or our Southampton Town Hall and Library Architectural Feasibility & Design Study Presentation.

Southampton WPCP EA

The purpose of this study is to assess the capacity of the existing Southampton Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) and define the preferred alternatives for increasing the treatment capacity to meet growth. As such, a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Schedule C is required.  Public consultation will occur throughout the project, which is being managed by Ainley and Associates for the Town.  Updates will be provided on the website throughout the project.


Materials from Public Information Centre (PIC)

Comment Sheet from Public Information Centre (PIC)


Lots of community character comes from its downtown areas and the way people interact with streetscapes. People use roads, sidewalks, lighting, furniture and other street elements every day, year-round.

To better serve downtown businesses and to create better gathering places in downtown Port Elgin and Southampton, we plan for beautiful streetscapes that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors year-round.

View our Port Elgin Streetscape Plan.

Sidewalk patio and café encroachment

View our Sidewalk Patio and Café Encroachment Policy.

The River Road EA Study 

The Town of Saugeen Shores is initiating a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to consider options to address the erosion of the slope between The River Road and Burgoyne Creek. 

View the Environmental Assessment, Schedule B Project File Report.

View the Notice Of Study Commencement Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

Transportation Master Plan

The continuation of the Transportation Master Plan will happen through 2019 with completion in the Fall of 2019 with a Report being presented to Council.  Public information on the alternatives and draft recommendations will occur in the summer.  Updates will be posted to the Transportation page.

Waste Management Master Plan

A plan for garbage and waste in the Town is needed in order to plan for an expansion of the existing landfill.  There is life left in the landfill but it is the time to start looking to the future.  This plan will be carried out by a consultant on behalf of the Town, and public consultation will occur.

Water and Wastewater

The mandatory update to the 2014 Master Plan will be carried out by a consultant through 2019, with the Final Report to be presented to Council in early 2020.  Public consultation will occur throughout the project, including updates posted to the Town website.  This report looks at the water and wastewater (sewage) infrastructure in the Town and makes recommendations to changes in policies or for capital projects to allow the Town to continue to provide the level of service to existing residents and businesses while being prepared for growth.

View our Water and Sanitary Sewer Servicing Master Plan, Water System Financial Plan, Wastewater Financial Plan or more information on our Annual Water Reports.